[Pro] Changing HTML Item Background Image

[I originally posted this to the Freeway Talk board & realized that this may be the better place. Sorry for the duplicate posting.]


I’ve explored the Random Background action (http://actionsforge.com/actions/view/156-random-background) and it’s a great action & almost does what I’m looking for. What I was hoping to find is an action that I could apply to an HTML item where the background (color or image, image preferably) would change when the visitor clicks on one separate icon/image instead of at time of page loading. The backgrounds would sequentially change though a list of choices instead of at random. Similar to ScriptyFader (http://actionsforge.com/actions/view/218-scriptyfader) but without individual thumbnails for each background image. Just one thumbnail to scroll through. It could even work with navigation arrows (left-right) to go forward & back through the background options if that is easier to code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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