[Pro] could not find answer to this...

HI all,

Lately my site has been loading the graphics slowly and sometimes the BOXES (container) of the graphics load in first before the graphic comes on. Does anyone know how to avoid the boxes showing up first?

Looks absolutely terrible in every way.

I tried reducing the size of the graphic but one for example is only 10kb.

I thought maybe use HTML container and put graphic in as background but that did not change size and I do not feel that will change anything.

I need to get past this issue as sometimes multiple items show the boxes first (with the alt text there or filename) then the graphic shows up seconds later. Looks like a 3rd grader made it.

I look at many sites and they never have anything like this- the entire page just appears at once smoothly and all graphics perfectly- my site is looking worse than it did 2 years ago as it loads in spotty.


Maybe other things on page are slowing down the load in (counter, javscript, etc) but I have run tests (learning to use the safari tool a little bit) without those items and can;t deduce why.

thanks for any advice specifically abut those graphic boxes and getting around that…


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