[Pro] Custom drop-down menus. Big ones.

Another of those client requests.

They’ve seen the menus at:

The site uses javascript to generate and place the oversize panel menus, but I’ve ground to a complete and shuddering halt on looking at the javascript code. Plumbing this into the client’s site is beyond me, as I’m not sure what’s controlling what in the script. Javascript may as well be an Aramaic dialect for all the sense I make of it!

I’ve mocked up a page that gives the proposed menu driving the panels, and the smallest and largest panel sizes I’d need to content with, and have had a go with Show/Hide layer actions, but can’t get one panel to disappear and another to appear as a normal menu system would. Mock up here:


Essential I need something that reveals the layer panels on mouseover, hides them on mouse-out or moving to another menu trigger, and then reveal a new one, and so on.

Any of you good folk have any ideas?

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