[Pro] E-buy form action

I apologize in advance if this is old territory. I’ve just recently added Mal’s and e-commerce to a site I’ve had up for several years, and I’m new to the related Actions.

I successfully used the e-Buy form action to consolidate qty./size/color selections into the shopping cart. Fabulously easy, of course (thanks Freeway). But I’ve tried unsuccessfully to add e-Buy and e-Review buttons (both as children of the form and as page objects). Nothing happens when they are clicked. And the default “Buy Now” button on the e-Buy form object is stubbornly anchored to the upper left corner of the object… an awkward place for it. Yet I’m stuck with that unless I can get the other Action buttons to work.

Any help would be VERY welcome.
here’s the link: http://yarnsinthefarms.com/t-shirts.html

Lanse Stover

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