[Pro] Exhibeo gallery behaving oddly

I recently added a new photo gallery (created with Exhibeo using Showtime template) to an existing Freeway-created site, and it is behaving oddly. Usually (but not always), the main photo box appears too large and covers the footer text. When I refresh the page, it usually appears correctly.

Here is the page: http://phccboston.com/2014-industry-ap.html

I have screen shots, but not sure if I can attach those here.

The only thing I can think may be causing this is that I upgraded to Freeway 7 and added the new gallery using v7.01 (just got the v7.02).

Another quirk: The navigation links are supposed to use Arial font, but the pages I updated using v7.01 now appear to be showing Times. Here is old page with Arial nav links: http://phccboston.com/officers-committ.html

If anyone has any thoughts, I’d be appreciative.



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