[Pro] five star ratings system

Hi Paul,

Is there a way to put the counter back at 0, so reset the widget ?

On 10 Nov 2013, 6:11 pm, Paul1970 wrote:

Hi Barry,

No problem at all.

Firstly you will need to visit the web-site Rating Widget, see link bellow and sign up to create a free account.


As soon as you are ready to add the five star rating widget to your web-site. Go to the page where you would like to add the widget and click the ‘page’ menu at the top of freeway and choose ‘HTML markup’ from the list. You should see a box open up in Freeway named ‘Markup’ and choose "Before from the drop down menu.

Go back to http://rating-widget.com and copy the large code that you see and paste the code in the ‘Markup’ box and click ok to close the box.

Decide where you would like to add the five start widget to your web-site and draw a html box in the exact place. Click inside the box and go to the top of Freeway menu and click ‘insert’ and choose ‘Markup item’ from the list. Once again you will see a small box where you can add more code. Go back to http://rating-widget.com and you will see the final part of this project. Now simply copy the smaller amount of code and paste the code in the open box and click ok.

Simply publish your web-site and you should see that the “five star rating widget” will appear on your web-site.

If you don’t like how it looks, you can customise your widget to get the look that you prefer. However, please note that you will need to update the page code to the new change code if you decide to edit the widget. Be sure to copy all the code as this will affect the outcome.

The best of luck Barry and hope this helps.


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