[Pro] Freeway 7 problems and bugs

I’m not sure why you don’t see the red area - unless your pages are already the correct widths for the breakpoints. What happens if you start a new document and click on one of the media width tabs?

In a real document, it might be a good idea to do as much work as possible on master pages.


On 2 Jul 2019, at 17:37, jean enness via freewaytalk email@hidden wrote:


I am working on my website in Freeway 7 pro.

When I view the page in different browser sizes
e.g Phone 320, Phone Landscape 480, Tablet 768, in page mode, when I press the grey tabs at the top of the page you are supposed to get a red panel up that shows you where the page is oversize so that it can be adjusted to each individual device size.
Does anyone know why this is not happening ?.
I am in page mode when I am doing this which seems to be correct
according to the Freeway Tutorial video

Thanks Jean

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