[Pro] FTP access via Browser

Hi experts,

actually I’m building (or try to) an extended WebYep Template System. The caveat of WebYep are the “DOC instances”, just mirrored pages sitting somewhere in the data folder unable to reach for extended editing.

Those instances are probably fine for some additional pages, but I’d prefer “physical ones” lying on the HOST (least for the main follower ones like company, about, our work…) .

To do I thought about a few ready prepared layouts of pages a client can choose, simply duplicate and rename - and finally link this new page within a simple navigation (CSS,

  • ).

    For sure this can be done using an FTP Client but I’d prefer a browser solution. I already built a password protected “Admin Area” where some additional things are sitting, so this would be the preferred place for the browserFTP.

    WebYep is without any SQL so a purely PHP/JavaScript would be preferred.

    Are there any recommendations out there (or probably a Walter’s ready to purchase out of the box solution) to achieve? Sure I sought CodeCanyon but was not sure what to choose so …

    I’d appreciate your input - and if it is for interest the latest state-of-the-art:




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