[Pro] full background proportional with a better scale

You’re going to have to use something like Protaculous, because this relies on JavaScript. Also, you can’t use jQuery in a Freeway page unless you swear off all of the other Prototype/Scriptaculous-enhanced goodies that come with the application.

Draw an HTML box and place your desired “background” image inside it. Set it to Position: Fixed in Window using the Inspector. Make note of the name of this box as presented in the Inspector’s “Title” field.

Apply Protaculous to your page. In the Actions palette, choose the prototype-packed library, click on the first Function Body button and paste in the following script.

Toward the bottom of this script, you will see this line:

var origDiv = $('origDiv');

Replace the origDiv inside the quotes with the name you noted earlier, as assigned by Freeway (or modified by you in Freeway).

That’s all you need to do. That’s as simple as it can be made, short of someone wrapping this up into an Action.


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