[Pro] FWP 7 and macOS 10.13 issue

I’ve been using Photoshop CS6 in High Sierra and so far haven’t come across any problems. InDesign and Illustrator also fire up fine but I haven’t had a chance to do much with them so far. I agree that going down the Affinity route in the future is most likely the best option as I’m not prepared to ‘rent’ software.

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On 3 Oct 2017, at 10:03pm, Richard van Heukelum email@hidden wrote:

Sierra never cause any issues for me.

Now Freeway has an issue on High Sierra as mentioned where the lower part of the window when importing media blacks out. That’s about it. Oh, and Adobe CS6 didn’t survive the upgrade. But that’s fine with me … I bought myself copies of Affinity Designer and Photo. Still hoping for Affinity Publisher to arrive as well.

There’s plenty of really good and reliable software out there that won’t rob you from you’re last penny …

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