[Pro] Google Maps

I have a few google map questions.

I understand how to create a Google Map (and marker) in FW. What I am a bit confused about is how to get my Marker Tag dialog balloon to display the google " Get directions: to here, from here, etc.

Do I have to create my own link to google? Would I just set up a link in my Marker Tag box and paste in the link I can get from a customized google map (from Google maps)? Copy and paste the html that you can also get from a customized google map?? – and if so where do I paste this.

Also, I have my google map within a mootools accordion. It shows me the correct map, but if I try to zoom in all the way I cannot get a street level view. If I go to google maps and put in the same address I can get a street level view.

I’m testing the site still and have it in a subfolder where the site is being hosted www.tabouligrill.com/testsite2. I used just the www.tabouligrill.com when I got a site key. Could that be why I’m not seeing a full functioning map?


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