[Pro] Half a pixel out - help!

Hi there

I’m working on rebuilding an old website using a different technique but I can’t get my graphics to line up properly.

I’ve created a jpeg background graphic which measures 770x50 pixels. The white area in the centre of this for the page is 752 pixels wide.

I have a header graphic for the page which measures 752x100 pixels. When I insert this graphic on the page everything seems to line up perfectly. However when I preview or publish the page the graphic is half a pixel too far to the left. Now I know half pixels shouldn’t be possible in website work so I’m at a loss as to how I can fix this. I’ve tried inserting the graphic as a pass-through, png and jpeg. I’ve tried layering on and off and I’ve even put it in a table cell and the result is always the same.

You can see a test page at http://www.gordonlow.net/bfm/

Looking at the source code I see that the size of the graphic varies but the result is always exactly the same - half a pixel too far to the left.

I’m really hoping someone can work out why what I thought would be a simple task is going wrong and how I can fix it.

Many thanks


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