[Pro] Hype 3

Tumult have released Hype 3 and Hype 3 Pro, and they have made a change that will affect you use of my Actions if you have linked the Hype Support Action to Hype 2’s hype.js file.

In Hype 3, this JavaScript library’s name will change - Hype 3 now adds a version number to it, which means that when you replace your Hype 2 generated content with Hype 3 content, Freeway will lose sigh of the HYPE.js file and complain. This number will change as Hype develops, so it’s best not to rely on it in the Hype Support Action any more.

What I recommend you do is use the Hype Support Action to reference the projectname_hype_generated_script.js file instead. That way, you should be OK when you start using Hype 3.

Minor updated Hype 3 Actions available from here:

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