[Pro] Integrating Blogger template

Hi All!

I’m not a technical person so I was wondering whether anybody can help with the following:

I’ve integrated my Blogger blog into my website using a simple iFrame. The blog is hosted on the same server as the website: http://solarskistudio.com/blog.html

Everything works fairly well however problems appear when an image, or the ‘Older Posts’ link is clicked at the bottom of the page.

If I click on an image in a blog post via the Blogger website — http://blog.solarskistudio.com/ — the image appears as a nice centered overlay, which I can clear with the ESC key. When I perform the same action via my website, the image is placed at the top of the website and I must click ‘Back’ to clear the image.

The problem with the ‘Older Posts’ link, is that the new page should jump to the top of the screen, where as it currently stays at the bottom, so the visitor is often left with a blank white screen unless they scroll up.

Does anybody have any tips to work around these problems?

Many thanks in advance!


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