[Pro] Invoking javascript functions with buttons, etc.

And I say etc. because this is complicated. Maybe more so than I’ll be able to implement!

I have a page at Roman Holiday Map, built in Freeway 3.5.15. (I’m still using it; can’t afford to upgrade. Donations gladly accepted.) It’s great, but messy.

What I’d like to do is replace some of the checkboxes with buttons, and show/hide a “menu” layer with the Map Theme checkboxes. I had some of that working, but it got messed up when doing some other changes and now I have no functionality at all.

I’ve posted my “test” page to http://lovebunnies.luckypro.biz/01_stuff/roman_holiday/testdropdown/testdropdown.html You can see there I have a “button” for Map Themes. That should, I think, show a Layer with the relevant checkboxes. (The first two lines of boxes on Roman Holiday Map.

The “button” for Show Via Margutts should do that, and change itself to Hide via Margutta, which would do that.

Similarly, the current checkbox for “…fit new map to markers…” should be a toggling set of “Fit” “Don’t fit” buttons.

I think I can attach the javascript to my hypothetical buttons.

Would anyone be willing to help me struggle through this in v3.5.15? Does anyone have any better suggestions for cleaning up the layout of my original page?

I’d appreciate any thoughts.

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