[Pro] Javascript problem- Showcase to FW

My portfolio site (see link) was created in FW Pro.5, have been afraid to try opening it in FW 7 since it didn’t work in 5.5, so have kept working on it in 5. Need to complete one last update and upload, I hope! before I convert it. Example shows the site I’m trying to update. Each portfolio page uses a Showcase Gallery imported into FW as an Action item. For “Oil on Canvas” and Collected Work" I was able to add to and change the existing Showcase Gallery files and re-import them with no problem, but I have redone the Work on Paper showcase file 3 times now, starting with a fresh Showcase file the last time, and every time I import to FW, I get this JavaScript warning: “fw ConvertFilePath has no properties.” I am so much hoping I’ve just done something stupid and easily rectified: when I first built this site I was working as a designer but now I’m a full-time artist and my computer brain is not always accessible! Thank you for any help, Cecily


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