[Pro] Liquid (CSS) Website

Hi all,

I wondered whether anyone on this board might be interested in converting an existing, relatively small website into a liquid (CSS) Freeway Pro file, for $$? If so, what would you charge for this, and how long would it take?

The website is one I did a couple of years ago for my mom: www.ligonlawoffice.com. I have the website’s graphic files (photos) on my computer & can email them. I think there are 9 pages on the website.

I’m getting rid of my old PC, and my mom’s website will need to get converted to Freeway Pro when I do - so, it occurred to me to see if it might get made “liquid” in the process. (I know the basics of Freeway Pro, but not how to create a liquid/CSS format.)

If anyone is interested in this, please let me know.

Thanks very much!

Andrea Zamansky

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