[Pro] maintain aspect ratio on responsive template Floral

I’m playing with 7 pro and the floral template.

I’d like to keep the aspect ratio for the image carousel on the home page (BodyWrapper1) rather than the image being cropped - i.e… As the width of the browser window reduces, so should its height.
Instead of repeat using the browser background image (which is set to 1800px x 1200px) I’ve made some images 1008 px x 345px and I’d like to use the whole images.

I also want to add another image to the carousel - I tried duplicating the Target Show/Hide later, renaming it ‘Image 4’ and selecting ‘yes’ in the sequence timer but alas only 3 images show up in rotation.
Thanks guys. judging by how buy you art, 7 is a success!


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