[Pro] Master Content Not Being Passed To Site Pages

The following is proving a problematic issue for my csmltd.com site.

Within my master page I have a table named 'navtable".

Within the table some of the cells are used for text some for inline graphic images.

The table operates essentially as a site navigation module.

When I update my 'navtable" within the master page with text alterations the CSS naturally impacts all of the site pages that are based upon it and all renders as it should - all well and good.

However I have just recently decided to place a hyperlink on a few of the images within some of the cells.

These hyperlinks however do not filter to the relevant site pages unless I uncheck the “Use Master Content” and then recheck the “Use Master Content” box on each of the pages.

When I perform this task I have to watch the OSX beach ball for several minutes for each page.Once the beach ball stops spinning I note that the hyperlinks are duly ‘installed’.

Surely this should not be necessary and wanted some advises as to what is going on and how it can be resolved more efficiently.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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