[Pro] Microdata/ Google structured Data / Rich snippets


I am a relative novice with Freeway Pro. Does anyone know how I can insert rich snippets into the HTML?

I contacted softpress and this was the advice they gave me:

"You could do it all as one large markup item with all the text for that scheme, or you could have the “regular” text be normal text in an HTML item in Freeway, and only have the text with the extra formatting be in markup items (those would be created as inflow items in the text, and have the entire span in them).

If you do the later, you’d want to make the HTML item a Section in the Item Output Settings tab of the Inspector and add two Extended option; itemscope and itemtype with the appropriate values."

However, I was not sure how to create inflow items and was not able to find this in the guide.

Any information would be helpful.

Thank you!

Mariel Brewster

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