[Pro] Mobile menu behavior

Hi. I’m trying to improve the function of the responsive mobile menu on my site, and it doesn’t seem like much work has been done to the CSS Menus actions since it was updated to generate a mobile menu.

Specifically, I want the mobile menu to function as an accordion, only displaying sub-menu links on request. I thought about creating a duplicate menu that functions vertically, and using the “Display” option to toggle between the two versions at the chosen breakpoint. Unfortunately, the menu didn’t function (no submenus,) and I overlooked the need for the menu trigger to keep the menu hidden until called for.

Before I go needlessly plodding down the wrong path,

 1) Is there an action that creates a better mobile menu, and 

 2) Can I use a show/hide layer action to reveal an accordion menu within the responsive site context?  And lastly,

 3) Is there some other recommended way of accomplishing this?

Thanks for any help, David

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