[Pro] More Spacing issues in IE 6 & 7

Could anyone tell me why the ‘PayPal’ logo on this page:


does not align with lock logo when viewed in IE 6 and IE 7? In IE 8 it displays very similarly to in Safari and Firefox, but in these two browsers the PayPal logo and the lock are misaligned vertically by about a centimetre.

On the subject of viewing things in different browsers, specifically IE 6, 7 & 8, how do other folk do this without buying a computer for each browser? I’ve just been trying a free trial at Browsercam which captures screenshots. It’s quite impressive. They also have a ‘Remote Capture’ which allows you to log onto a computer running a particular operating system remotely and check your website from there. Does anyone have any experience of these, of possible drawbacks, or of running Parallels software in OSX?

Many thanks for any feedback.


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