[Pro] My domain and subdirectory has indexed!!!!!

Please could you help? this has been giving me a headache for a few weeks, and don’t know how to resolve the issue.

I have a domain name registered with www.1and1.co.uk and a web hosting package with www.fatcow.com

I have set the domain destination at 1&1 to my fatcow subdirectory, using the (DNS) settings. and selected the HTTP redirect button.


All is working absolutely fine except one problem.

Over the last few weeks I have noticed that my domain, and my Fatcow subdirectory has appeared in Google search results. Duplicating my site content under the domain name and fatcow subdirectory name.

for example:


While I can’t say for sure, I think, this happened because I set my 1&1 domain forwarding type incorrectly ‘Frame redirect’ instead of ‘HTTP redirect’ which I think is the correct setting and where I have it set now.

To resolve the issue, this is what I am thinking of trying and would like some advice, before I do anything.

I was thinking of changing the subdirectory name to something new, for example. I currently use ‘site-1’ and I could use ‘site-a’ for example. To remove the old content under the ‘subdirectory’ name. I was going to upload a new site to that name with no content, perhaps adding the meta tag no index ‘nofollow’ which I don’t know how to do but have read this could help. I was hoping this would remove the duplicated content under the subdirectory name.

Hope I have made things clear, I would greatly appreciate any help.


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