[Pro] My Freeway 5.5 PRO will not open? HELP

I tried the step 2 suggested: which was set a new user on my mac and open freeway and I setup full permissions to access all files, I have now deleted freeway pro 5 as a guest and it has said no changes could be saved when logging out as a guest, Also I thought I would mention I could not empty my trash as well as my freeway having trouble (not sure what this means) so then I logged in as myself, freeway 5 pro was deleted still, I update freeway and it still will not open.

Step 1 was to delete and re-install freeway 5.5pro, can i just uninstall them and re-install? what about my website where is it stored and do I need to put it on my external hard drive and load it back in, please can you let me know how to go about this.



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