[pro] Network Error?

I have 2 licenses of Freeway Pro 5, one is on my machine, MacBook Pro
running 10.5.6. The other is on a co-worker’s machine, an older G4
tower running 10.4.11. The Freeway doc and all of the supporting
material (media folder, the Site Folder, etc) are stored on a MacOS X
10.4.11 Server, so that the co-worker and I can share in providing
updates to the website. Recently, the co-worker has been having a
terrible time not being able to do a complete upload to the website,
she always keeps getting a Network Error during the upload process,
and not at always the same location in the upload process. However, I
very rarely have the problem, except at times when my Internet
connection in general is having a problem. However, she has been
having the problem every time the past week or more, even tho the
Internet is working fine. We were running Freeway Pro 5.2.1. Today I
upgraded both of our licenses to 5.3.2, but that didn’t fix the problem.

I made a link to one of our servers of a screen shot I took of the
error message.



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