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The old FX style shadows that FW4 and FW5 offered in the Inspector were graphical in nature, but FW6 shadow is CSS3 instead. CSS3 shadows are far better than adding on a heavy bitmap graphic, but the present downside is that stupid IE6/7/8 cannot see CSS3 shadows. FW6 simply ignores those rickety old browsers when it comes to CSS3 shadows, but CSS3 shadow alternatives exist that give us CSS3 shadow goodness even in IE6/7/8. My hacked version of Walter’s CSS3 Shadow offers PIE.htc fallback. But I only recently finished that CSS3 Shadow Action hack, which is why I am still using CSS3 Shadow + PIE.htc fallback via Page HTML Markup on my sites. But whether you use the Page Markup code I posted for you previously in ths thread, or if you use my hacked (version 0.6) edition of Walter’s CSS3 Shadow Action, the result will be the same. You will get the goodness of a nice CSS3 shadow along with old browser fallback. It’s just that you won’t get the fallback if you host your code on a web server to which you cannot upload PIE.htc. To get old browser fallback in that case, PIE.js would need to be used instead of PIE.htc, but I do not know how to proply implement that. But there are a lot of Action writers among us (Walter, Paul, Tim, etc.), so perhaps someone who cares about fallback as much as I do will pickup the torch and complete the PIE.js implementation that I could not.

But if you’re only hosting sites on your own server, you need not be concerned about PIE.js. Just read through my previous post and give the Markup a try. The Page HTML Markup that I gave you in my previous post works just fine in Freeway 5 or 6. Alternatively, you can use my hacked version of Walter’s CSS3 Shadow action:


But just as I wrote in my previous post here, don’t forget that you must download PIE.htc and the upload it to the root level if your web space in order to get IE6/7/8 fallback to work.

Best wishes,

James Wages

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