[Pro] PayPal buttons

Using Paypal and I have set up all my buttons and all works well. Except that:- for each item, I have assigned £6 as a postage cost. If you order 20 of one item it works well - you only get charged £6. BUT - if you order 3 different items, it attaches a £6 to each one, so a total of £18 postage. I want to only charge £6 PER ORDER. How do I set this up?
Also, how do I get a Paypal “Go To Checkout” so that if customer has already been to cart, returns to pages to browse some more but decides on no more purchases and then wants to finalise the order? When you assign your buttons on PayPal site, this one doesnt seem to be available. Paypal seem s*** at answering any queries, they just send automated replies, none of which suit!


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