[Pro] People uploading their own images

Is there a Freeway action that will allow people to be able to upload their own images to a page in their browsers?

My plan: I have a website with about 100 members, will never be more than that. I’m going to use Profile Manager Basic (http://www.interlogy.com/products/pmb/) for the membership part of it. Just basic login and password protection that will list the members. This free version doesn’t allow them to upload photos, and I don’t want to pay $200 for the Premium version that does, because that is the only extra feature that I need.

I would like for each member to be able to add maybe 3 or 4 personal photos to his/her profile page, upload them and add a caption. I don’t HAVE to use Profile Manager, but I’ve used it before and know it works well for the login and password retrieval, etc. Plus, it’s free.

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