[Pro] Proff. help needed for Temlate

Hello! i’m new to this forum, and very new to freeway! my DW ( darling wife) is not and is very very very passionate about it, so i want to be a bit more a part of it. Best way to start is here i suppose!

Starting with a difficault question right away.
My wife is trying to design a ‘template’ ( perhaps the wrong word?) for a webshop that also has to have a secure login.

She needs it, for one customer, that has more shops all over the world and is a big customer for us.

I know ( now) that that is a big issue with Freeway, so we have to do that with PHP?

We like the thought of this site; ( the basic, not the whole site ofcourse)

( this is just an expamle and has no secure login ofcourse, wich we do need!)

But now ( i want to help my wife) I would like to ask an other proffesional, to help my wife to get this togehter.

It is getting on her good mood, and i think it is time, we get a payed secound look at it. ( am i tactfull enough?)

so nothing wrong with my wife’s qualities in webdesigning! Her customers ( and i ) love her, but now this is taking far to much time and sleep en also, why not get someone in who know’s more than you do, when your in a mess.

I would therefor like to know, if someone of you great Freeway Pro designers, are willing or able to make a sort of very basic template, in commision ( is that the right word?) that sort of is like the site i mentioned above?

And has the things, so we can figure out these php things.

and what would it cost?

Than my DW, could get some sleep again… I realy hope somebody out here can help me ( and us)

I would realy appreciate the help.


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