[Pro] rogue graphic

I’m publishing a page which when published shows a rogue graphic from a Resources folder a level above where it should be coming from!

The graphic is a blank gif item I’m using to space two items, and I’ve named it specifically ‘spacer1’, so i should get spacer1.gif in the Resources folder. Yes?

But nope, instead it shows ‘item3.gif’ from a Resources folder a level above this sub-folder!!

Nothing I can do seems to be able to change this behaviour! I’ve emptied caches, closed and reopened FW, republished…


I’ve tried republishing the whole site to a new folder. This has actually got rid of the rogue graphic and displays a blank gif called ‘item3.gif’. It is sourced, apparently, from the Resources folder a level above the sub-folder page I am viewing.

The item I wish to have published is named ‘spacer1’ in the inspector. No ‘spacer1.gif’ is published to the local Resources folder, nor to the Resources folder at the top level. The top level does contain an ‘item3.gif’ which appears to be what is being used on the published page.


Utterly bizarre. What IS going on!!



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