[Pro] Rollover buttons once again

Hi there,

Like many others before me i desperately wanted to make a rollover button using freeway 5 pro. I tried several times, read the manual, watched the video, read this forum and i failed.

The task is simple: generate a button which behaves exactly like the “google search” on www.google.com:

  1. When you place a mouse cursor over it, nothing happens
  2. When you press a mouse button (press and hold) when over a google button, it changes it’s state (get’s pressed :slight_smile:
  3. When you move a mouse cursor away while holding down the button, the google button changes it’s state to the previous form (not pressed).

Simple, right? Normally, i would use some event triggers: onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onMouseDown, onMouseUp, to replace the images, but how to achieve that using freeway’s built-in rollover function? It seems that this function utilizes only onMouseOver, onMouseOut and onClick event triggers, so when you place a mouse cursor over a button, and press a mouse button, nothing happens :frowning:

If you know the answer, please let me know.


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