[Pro] Shopping cart system

Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice and suggestions.

I have created a few web sites using Freeway Pro, thoroughly enjoy using it and always get good results.

One of my sites is an online shop. I created it (65 pages) and have run it successfully for 14 months using Freeway Pro.

However, I need to build a lot more products into the site. I also need to allow another user access to the site so they can also add/edit/delete products, prices etc.

I am looking for a browser based online ecommerce solution.

Names which spring to mind are Volusion, Ecwid, Actinic, EKMpowershop and Create.net

I have started a trial for Create.net. As first I thought it was the answer but the shop builder takes longer to add products than if I was using Freeway and obviously offers no where near the flexibility of Freeway.

Has anyone any experience of any of these systems.

PS It’s also very important that the search optimisation works well, otherwise I’ll lose my customers !

Many thanks for any feedback,


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