[Pro] Show/Hide Layer and Carousel Panes

Hi. I’m wondering if there’s a way to incorporate a Show?Hide Layer action into a page in such a way a specified Carousel Pane (or ScriptyFader content) will be shown when that layer is shown.

Specifics- I want the site visit to be able to click on an item number and reveal a layer that contains product information about not only that item but other items on the same page, navigable via thumbnails and a Carousel or ScriptyFader-type method, but have the selected item’s information be what the user sees when the target layer first becomes visible. I can see how to do that via an iFrame, but that causes problems with button-state page tracking in the navigation. Any thoughts?

BTW- I downloaded Walter’s newest ScriptyFader action, and my Safari/thumbnail problem is gone. Thanks, Walter.


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