[Pro] So close, but so far - transitionfx page jump problem

Firstly, I’m a newbie here, but have lurked around this site for the last few weeks getting answers to a lot of questions: so a thankyou to all the kind folks here for being generous with their brains:o)

However, I have hit a slight road block, and it’s hard to explain: I have run transition effects along with show/hide target layer to create a menu that doesn’t refresh the page: if you go to nathangaunt.com.au, you can see it in action. (please be aware, I’ve just re-pointed the domain name from the old sites host: if it loads as a main image with floorboards, you’re in the right place)

I tried hyperlinking “javascript:” to the lower menu rollovers to stop the page from jumping to the top when a scroll bar appears (super irritating on smaller screens), however, that breaks my transition effect and stops the initial news item from fading completely, causing the resulting images to layer over it. Since the images are not all the same size, you get overlap that looks pretty ugly.

I’m wondering is there a workaround?

I set the transition effect on all rollovers to “fade” the original news that displays on load, and have a duplicate news item that loads after that when activated: yes, this is a workaround the target show/hide layer action when initially set to visible, the item won’t reappear. (can’t wait for an update on THAT action, would have solved all my problems:o)

After typing this, it should be noted I’ve realised just how convoluted my approach has been:o)

So, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas to stop this page jumping without breaking the effect? Many thanks if you can help, hope this made sense.

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