[Pro] submit to list form

Is this doable? I want to build a form that allows people to submit a list of names for alphabetical entry into a master db.

I know how to do the basic part for the personal info and the donation payment.
It’s collecting the list in a manageable way that’s throwing me. Currently they’re just putting them in a text box, but few follow the instructions, so it’s taking a lot of time to get the names rearranged to be sorted.

I’d like the add to master list portion to have 3 - 5 rows of 3 fields to start, and an “add more” button that would give another set of rows ( some people have 15 - 20 names at a time) and of course a submit button that sends the names to the masterlist db and takes the user to the payment interface

the 3 fields are lastname, firstname, pronunciation

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