[Pro] SuiteFX Module Confusion

Today is my first time trying to get SuiteFX to work. I never used SuiteFX or MooTools before.

I started off by downloading the SuiteFX Core here:


I then read the “suiteFX Manual - DRAFT.pdf”, but was confused by what is shown in Illustration 1 on page 2. The PDF makes it clear the directory structure is “very important.” Yet, when you install SuiteFX and then peer into the “Modules” folder, you only see “Core Actions.fwactionb” and nothing else. But the PDF says that I am supposed to see the following files inside the “Modules” folder:





I fully understand this PDF is marked “DRAFT” but this needs to be updated ASAP to avoid further confusion. I am totally confused by it.


I went to Freeway and sketched a graphic box and HTML box. I then opened the Actions palette and selected the graphic box to see what new Actions might appear in the Actions palette – nothing. I then tried the HTML box – nothing. I then tried the page itself – but no new actions could be found in the Actions palette.

I then went back to ActionsForge and downloaded the Accordian Module:


And I put that module inside the “Modules” folder, and then went back to Freeway. When selecting an HTML box, I see the following two actions in the Actions palette:

sFX: Accordian

sFX: Accordian Trigger

Okay, at least that is working. But where are the other 3 modules?:




I am especially interested in SlimBox. I thought they might be a part of MooTools but when I downloaded that, I only see “Mootools Suite.fwaction”.

Please help.

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