[Pro] SuiteFX Module Confusion

SuiteFX is resource intensive and pushes the FW API pretty hard.

Literally hours before a full push for public release a rather serious limitation was discovered, that the entire FW document could only really handle about 50 instances of any of the real complex Modules.

The actions functioned as designed at the time of posting to actionsforge (keeping in mind the overall usage limitations). That is why they were posted. Since then, suiteFX has seen no further enhancement until this limitation can either be worked-around or fixed. Only the Accordion Module is presented because it should not suffer as greatly from the usage limitations, but care must always be used.

The overall package is presented ‘as-is’. The idea is definitely NOT abandoned. My only real reservation is that switching to suiteFX makes it difficult to use the full complement of old mootools actions, since suiteFX displaces those actions is currently only the Accordion Module. Don’t anticipate any other Modules until the underlying limitations are resolved. I will support the Accordion Module to the best of my ability.

PS: I will take a look at the documentation and see if I can pare it down to what is currently presented and make it a bit more concise.

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