[Pro] Table problems sorted

For the past 18 months I’ve suffered from a table issue. We compose a lot of emails and format them using a table. This relates to FW6.

The problem is that sometimes if we create a table, for instance 10 rows, 5 columns, and then start joining them in various combinations, we often find that when setting a row height the row expands repeatedly. Sometimes this is quite dramatic, jumping from 10px to several hundreds or thousands. It shows the correct height on screen, although you can see the row boundaries expanding top and bottom. Even more irritating, it can be difficult or impossible to select the text under the expanded row boundaries for editing.

We have now found that this happens only when cells are joined. If we split the cells back to the original number in a row then the table behaves again. Once we are happy with the row height then we can join them again.

I hope this helps anyone else who has had this problem.


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