[Pro] Unstack Layers Please

Here is the start on the new site to illustrate the problem:


It is to replace a monster FW 1, 2 site.

The problem I am having is:

The list on the left has turned out to be a graphic frame with rollover triggers, the area on the right is where the layers will show/hide. You can see some of them temporarily off to the side. The very first bullet (New Logical Tools) and the very last (New Glyph Systems) are linked to layers.

If you hover over them, they both will appear. You can see that one layer stacks over the other.

The behavior I want is for there to be no layer initially. If you hover (or click) on a topic on the left, the correct layer appears and stays. You can then move to the text in that layer and click on the [More] link.

If you move to another bullet, the layer is replaced. As it stands now, I can get them to appear properly but they disappear when the cursor moves off the rollover. Alternately, I can have one layer replace another, but ONLY according to the layer stacking order.

There must be a way for a rollover to both hide a previous layer and show a new one.

Thank you.

A second question: will the html text on the layers be caught by search robots?

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