[Pro] Updating site from Pro 5 or 5.5 to 7

I was about to update to Freeway Pro 7 from 5.5 last year when I discovered that Softpress had suspended operations. Since then I have not upgraded my Mac operating system in fear that my existing sites wouldn’t remain editable.Now that it’s available again I’d like to upgrade to version 7, but since I had some problems even going from version 5 to 5.5 in the past, I’m concerned about what issues I might encounter. Does anyone have experience with this?
(One complication is that while I was still a designer when I originally made several Freeway sites, I am now a full-time painter instead, haven’t been using Freeway, and have lost much of what grasp I had on how to do things! I know that I created the cecilydonnellyart site using Showcase Galleries and may be able to figure out what I did if version 7 can use info from version 5. Thank you for any info or insights, Cecily


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