[Pro] Upgrade to v5: Rollover broken

Sorry to be posting so many times. Some of these problems are probably being caused by trying to upgrade old files to v5. But for this one, I’ve also tried recreating some of the items.

I started a proof of concept file for a rework of an existing client site, using v3.5. Thought it might help to upgrade my software. Well, maybe yes and maybe no!

If anyone could spare a moment to look at http://luckypro.biz/client/walter/v1/, they’ll see a home page with a rollover effect revealing the navigation menu. (I plan to use different Page Title JPEGs for different pages: Bart Walter | new works, etc.) I got it working in v3.5. Based on work I did for Roman Holiday Map.

So, what’s wrong with http://luckypro.biz/client/walter/v2? As far as I can see, all settings are the same. Rollover, slaves; I can’t find any difference. It looks to me like the functionality of v5 is the same as v3. All items on the v5 page are set to be layers, with Absolute positioning.

I must be missing something stupidly obvious, but right now I feel pretty stupid. Any advice would be appreciated!

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