[Pro] User selected options and results

I am building a website for my practice that will have a section containing downloadable house building plans for different house types. For each house type, there will be a number of options regarding the external finishes and construction method. What I would like to be able to do is have four drop-down menus where a visitor selects the external finishes for the ground and first floor walls. the roof and the construction, and with each selection a result is returned in two adjacent boxes showing the construction cost and the annual running cost for their selection, and a third box containing a picture of the building with the external finishes that have been chosen. I have a spreadsheet containing the construction and running costs for each of the variations and I have a library of images for each of the external finishes combinations.
How do I go about this? I have no experience with PHP/MySQL databases, or any webpage design experience beyond the simple website I have created for my practice, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently running Freeway Pro4 but thinking of upgrading to 5.

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