Problem with headers

I’ve just imported a file from Freeway 4 into version 5. I find that the headers (styles .h1, .h2, etc.) have all moved upwards. In the Freeway 4 file, when the pages are published, there is always a space before the header. When the site is published with Freeway 5, all headers are stuck right to the top of the div containing them.

In the css files I notice that in Freeway 5 there are new styles such as:

h1:first-child { margin-top:0px }

I assume this is what is causing the problem. I have tried changing the header styles, adding space before in the definition. This causes the headers to descend on the page in the Freeway file, but when published the headers are still stuck to the top of the divs.

Can anybody tell me how I can force the header style to produce a space before the header?


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