Problems importing graphics - GONE

Disregard the previously sent message. I quit and re-launched
Intaglio and everything worked fine! Anybody have a notion of WHY?

I’ve been using Intaglio for several years with few problems. Today
I opened a new file and tried to import a graphic using “copy &
paste” I could copy the graphic and get it on my clipboard, but when
I tired to paste it into Intaglio, the paste options were grayed!

I then tried the “Import” option and it worked, but the graphic could
not be resized, moved or modified at all. It did not appear as an
object and could note be selected or deleted. The only way I could
remove it was by “undoing” the import.

“Drag and drop” import worked similar to the Import command. Nothing
could be done with the graphic once it was imported.

I tried .tiff, .jpg. .psd. and .pdf graphics, all with the same results.

Can anyone hep me?


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