Project Collaboration

To whomever may be interested (action devs, coders or the closet code-
curious) I have one available opening for someone who would like a
free account to use a remote Subversion repository. If you don’t know
what that is basically it’s a central location where multiple people
can collectively add to and work on files/projects etc. in real time.
Think of it as a team working together from remote locations. It
doesn’t necessarily need to be Freeway related though I imagine
action writers might find it quite useful. It can be anything code-
centric that you’re working on that you may want to share with others
for the purpose of collaborative work, help, testing, experimenting,
education, feedback or just for fun. I set this up a couple weeks ago
mainly for my own Subversion education but would like it to become an
easy way to learn and share coding knowledge in a casual hands-on way.

If you’ve been curious about Subversion or version control it might
be a good way to actively participate in a very small group. While
it’s a certainly a “geek” sort of thing you don’t need to be one,
just have an interest in trying something new. If you’re interested
contact me off-list at account[at]xiiro[dot]com.


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