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Thanks Walter, I’ll play around with it now that I have a place to start…you’re a true gentleman, thanks for all you do for us.


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  1. Open the Styles palette, and click on the cog menu to New Style.
  2. In the resulting dialog, click into the Tag field and enter
  3. Tab or click into the Name field and delete whatever is there
    (style1 or similar).
  4. Very important – tab back out of the Name field and save the style.
  5. Now you can edit this style and make whatever styling features you

For example, you could use Extended to set padding and margin to 0.

Repeat the process above, but make the Tag field read ul.fileslist li. Now use the Extended dialog to remove the bullets: Click on
Extended, then New, then in the Name field, enter list-style-type,
and in the Value field, enter none. Repeat this process to add no
padding and no margin, and you will have a completely tabula rasa
container for further styling.

Now repeat again, but add the a to the end, so you have this:
ul.fileslist li a. In this style, remove the underline, change the
color, background-color, etc. Use Extended to add padding, set
display to block, etc. You can add a hover form of this style as
well, and make a nice effect when people mouse over.

The important thing here is to make all of these styles as Tag-only
styles, using the technique outlined above. When you do this, you
will see that Freeway publishes these style rules even when nothing
on the page is assigned them. Regular named styles are “pruned”
automatically, unless there is at least one instance on the page
where they are used.

On Oct 12, 2008, at 12:57 AM, Bill McCarroll wrote:


Wondering how you do this with the ajax action:

“You can use CSS to style the list as you like. The list has the
classname fileslist, and each item in the list will either have the
class even or odd. If you set a different background-color for each
of those styles, you will be able to show alternating stripes like
a Finder list view or iTunes.”

I can’t see how to edit styles with a classname “fileslist” Could
you give an old codger like me some step by step help???


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