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Thanks Walter…good advice as always. I will read Keith’s good words and see what I can do without touching Sitelok which is working very well. I don’t want to do anything to break it.


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Not sure. Again, if somebody else wrote it, and you need to extend
it, you are really on your own. Worst case, the Sitelok feature will
stop running altogether. Also, did you have to install any sort of
license control software like IonCube in order to use Sitelok? A lot
of the more polished PHP applications are sold in an obfuscated form,
so you can’t edit them or even reverse-engineer them to see how they
work. If this is the case, then the programming interface to the data
(API) might be hidden or difficult to work with.

What you could definitely do is sidecar your new application along
side the Sitelok stuff. Add a new table for your members, put the
columns that you need (first_name, last_name, favorite_ice_cream) in
there, and then start populating it from your form. The fact that you
have installed Sitelok guarantees that you have PHP and MySQL and
that they can talk to each other. But I wouldn’t try to mess with the
actual data tables that Sitelok uses – that way lies peril of one
kind or another.


On Oct 3, 2008, at 9:38 AM, Bill McCarroll wrote:

I have a sql member database on the server using
Sitelok…wondering if I can leverage that?

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