RE: [Pro] Are there current, full instructions for Carousel?

I just downloaded Carousel and am anxious to give it a go. But I notice on the Actions Forge page where I got the download that the demo instructions have a big yellow box saying that the instructions are not current.

That’s true. Fortunately, the current ways of using it are very simple. Here’s a condensed form of how I tell my students to use it:

  1. Make sure that the elements you’re using are layered.
  2. Select your first item (graphic, HTML box, group container, etc.) and apply the Carousel action to it.
  3. Select your second item and apply the Carousel Pane action to it. Repeat with each further ‘pane’ item.

That’s defined the basic Carousel, but it doesn’t yet know how you want it to behave. Now you need to decide how to make use of the various panes. Here’s the A, B, C of making your Carousel functional…

a) If you want to have it scroll through automatically then select your main Carousel object and set the Auto-Glide interval to some numeric value.

b) If you want to have ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons, create a couple of graphic items for this use and apply the Carousel Button action to each. Remember to change the setting of your ‘Next’ item - this defaults to having a ‘previous’ behaviour.

c) If you want people to be able to click specific items to go to specific panes, create graphic items for each corresponding pane and apply the Carousel Tab action to each one. Use the Actions palette to connect each one to the correct Carousel pane.

You can mix and match these methods - you don’t have to use just one. Of course, automatic scrolling might become annoying for the user if mixed with manual triggers as well.

Further thoughts: You can have multiple Carousels in a single page. All you need to do is make sure that the various Carousel Pane items are set to target the correct Carousel. This is where intelligent naming of the Carousel items makes a big difference. And if you want to use Carousel Tabs, name each Carousel Pane in a meaningful way so you have no trouble knowing which tab links to which pane.

Naming is, of course, done with the Inspector palette. Just set the title for each item.


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