Ah Max, this sounded so, so good but I cannot get it working (so far).
I followed the basic instructions but I recieve dependency errors in Textmate. Obviously some things were not installed properly and are missing or in the wrong place. Does anything need compiling?

Has anyone else been able to get this bundle working?


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yes I have though it took a little working out! so here goes…

  1. Enable “Access for assistive devices”. You can do this by going into “System Preferences → Universal Access” and checking “Access for assistive devices”.

  2. Install the OS X developer tools (Xcode). The setup can be found in either the “Optional Installs” folder on your OS X retail disc, disc 2 of your OS X system discs, OR download it directly from Apple here. This is required since by default, OS X doesn’t install the Ruby header files.

  3. Open up a Terminal window and and install the following Ruby gems. you may want to do one line at a time as each one takes a little time to install. To do this, wait until the terminal window appears and you see a grey cursor, then paste the first line, Once you copy and paste the first line it should ask you for your password. Type it in if you have one. you wont see anything being typed in but just hit return once you have typed it in and you see the first item begin to install. If on the other hand it says “Sorry, try again.”, then you typed the incorrect password, and you need to do it again.
    then once the first package installs and please not it takes time, the first time I did this I thought it wasn’t doing anything so just go and make a cup of tea of coffee. (I really do mean a lot of time for each line) once its installed it will tell you … just be very very patient.

here are the lines which need to be installed in the terminal window, as a reminder do one line at a time and be very very patient

sudo gem install mailfactory
sudo gem install hpricot
sudo gem install tamtam
sudo gem install tlsmail

A. Now download the bundle fond here:

B. Double click on it the bundle and it should install

C. now you need to configure the bundle. You access the configuration by opening TextMate and going to "Bundles → Bundle Editor → Show Bundle Editor

D. open up the Email Tester bundle and click on the first one that says:
Email page to… (bring CSS inline)
and you should now see a load of text in the commands panel on the right about half way down you should see this

# Setup your mailing options
to=$(tail -n1 <<<"$to")

just replace the from line to your email address
then the server line for your smtp line
then the username and finally password.

then repeat this configuration

Email page to… (as is)
part of the bundle

what the result of all this is it will allow you to open up the freeway published HTML and this applicationn will now convert any css styles and place them as inlines style automatically…

I hope this makes sense but let me know if you get other problems let me know how far you get.

Before you run this css to inline converter you just need to adjust your published files a tiny amount so have a read on what you need to do in the other post


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ps sorry for all the spelling mistakes

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On 9 Feb 2009, 10:22 pm, max wrote:

yes I have though it took a little working out! so here goes…

Hi Max,

Thank-you for such a detailed description of the installation process, the only problem is it is exactly what I had tried.

Here is what it gives me when running the bundle:

/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:in gem_original_require': no such file to load -- tamtam (LoadError) from /System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/1.8/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:in require’
from /tmp/temp_textmate.u3RwNh:4

I’m running 10.5.6 on a MacBookPro. Developer tools installed (not the latest version (Xcode 3.1.1).

I haven’t had a chance to try it on another machine yet.

Any ideas appreciated but keep in mind that I don’t want you to waste too much of your time also.

Many thanks,

John (JFG is a typo habit)

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Hi John
so to recap
you have manage to add the bundle but when you open a freeway published html and have deleted the ← bits… then using Generate New doc w/inline… it gives you this error?
could you send me your html just to make sure it works at this end.

my email address is… max(at)


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