Recommend a hosting site

I used Freeway7 a long time back and i am returning to make a new web site been out of touch for a while can someone reconmend a reasonable price hosting company as I am a pensioner 83…
many thanks

Hi Mike,

I’m interested to hear other people’s recommendations, but I’ve been using MacHighway as my (personal) web provider and I’ve generally been happy with them.

The support page on the Softpress website has links to a number of web hosts, including MacHighway, and says that we receive a small commission. I don’t know if that’s still the case.

Hi Jeremy
Many thanks for your info

These guys are very reasonable and include free SSL certs and easy to manage C-Panel.

Hello Mike,

I can recommend Their website is a bit retro but I have found them quite efficient in terms of support. I have been using them for over ten years for some sites and when such inevitable issues may arise they are quite prompt at dealing with it.

I have nothing else to dow with them other than use their services.

I have used ICDSoft for years = Xcellent service and reasonably priced.